Callie Linen Coasters Kit

$ 32.00

If you’re new to weaving and have always wanted to try it, now is the time. Learn to weave from scratch with this easy to handle hand loom. Explore and practice weaving techniques and patterns to create a stunning, yet practical collection of linen coasters. 

In The Callie Linen Coasters Video Class, you will:
1) Learn how to weave from the ground up
2) Learn how to weave at two different scales  
3) Learn how to weave three different patterns.  

You’ll step away from this kit knowing how to warp, double warp, weave, complete the hemstitch, and make the plain, twill weave, and herringbone weave patterns.  AND now it’s even better than before because it comes with a video to walk you through every step!

Additionally, the kit now comes with two sizes of yarn so the larger scale patterns are easier than ever before. 

Kit Includes:
:: 2 Mini Skeins Daytime Linen in Fingering Weight
:: 3 Mini Skeins Daytime Linen in DK Weight
:: Metal Weaving Needle
:: Clippers
:: Callie Linen Coasters Pattern and Video Class

:: Flax & Twine 8" Hand Loom with Tools

Flax & Twine 8" Hand Loom, ($78 value) lovingly crafted by hand out of cherry, measures 8" X 8.5" and has 5.5 notches per inch (5.5 EPI or 5.5 dent).  The weaving area is approximately 7" x 7". The loom kit comes with weaving needle, beater, shed stick, sample warp thread, and instructions on how to warp your loom. 

 Looking for the Callie Linen Coasters Pattern & Video Course on its own? Try HERE

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