Beginner Basket Weaving Kit - Twined Linen Dish

Beginner Basket Weaving Kit - Twined Linen Cord Dish

I wanted to make another beginner basket weaving kit for you all, and thought this pretty little Twined Linen Cord Dish in my Flax and Twine 2.5mm linen cord fit the bill! This petite dish is the perfect place for jewelry or other trinkets. Its light, natural color and delightful texture mean the Dish Kit is a wonderful project to make a foray into weaving with my linen cord. FIND THE KIT HERE!

Beginner Basket Weaving Kit - Twined Linen Cord Dish

First, this beginner basket weaving kit starts off with this lovely base as the warp structure. As you wind around to make the sides of the bowl, the weft fills in the shape. Its so much fun to watch it come together!

Beginner Basket Weaving Kit - Twined Linen Cord Dish

The kit includes a bowl form to help create the perfect shape out of the exquisite linen cord. Finally, you finish with a darning needle, and viola! Each kit makes TWO dishes. Total score!

Beginner Basket Weaving Kit - Twined Linen Cord Dish

This beginner basket weaving Kit for the Twined Linen Dish includes:

:: 1 spool Flax & Twine All Natural 2.5mm Linen Cord
:: 7" Bowl Mold
:: Darning Needle
:: Japanese Style Clippers
:: Twined Linen Cord Dish Pattern (plus video techniques!)

With the aid of my how-to videos, you will be able to tackle this project head on. And the finished product is entirely worth it. Plus, the kit makes two, so there’s one for practice and one to give away. This Twined Linen Dish is perfect for your bathroom vanity, your hall table, or next to your favorite tv-watching spot!

These dishes are made similarly to my Twined Rope Bowl and Twined Felted Wool Bowl, only much smaller. Because of its darling miniature size, the dish is a bit finicky at the beginning, but once you move through the tricky parts, the project can be finished off with a darning needle! It’s such a joy to make something so cute.

Whether you fill your dish with tech trinkets, bejeweled baubles, or a pretty plant, I know you’ll just love this beginner basket weaving kit!

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