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One Skein Wonders

This is a huge variety of projects across all craft-types, but the one thing they have in common is that they require only one skein of yarn to make. That means that whatever project it is, it's sure to come together quickly. These are perfect for a quick vacation project or a fast little gift for someone special.

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Callie Linen Coasters KitCallie Linen Coasters Kit
Callie Linen Coasters Kit Sale priceFrom $ 36.00 USD
Britt Felted Wool Bowl KitBritt Felted Wool Bowl Kit
Britt Felted Wool Bowl Kit Sale price$ 56.00 USD
Bella Bento Bag KitBella Bento Bag Kit
Bella Bento Bag Kit Sale price$ 48.00 USD
Trellis Stitch Drawstring Bag KitTrellis Stitch Drawstring Bag Kit
Trellis Stitch Drawstring Bag Kit Sale priceFrom $ 28.00 USD
Brooklyn Basket KitBrooklyn Basket Kit
Brooklyn Basket Kit Sale priceFrom $ 34.00 USD
Giant Crocheted Snowflake KitGiant Crocheted Snowflake Kit
Knit Linen Coaster KitKnit Linen Coaster Kit
Knit Linen Coaster Kit Sale priceFrom $ 22.00 USD
Tiny Crochet Star Garland KitTiny Crochet Star Garland Kit
Rowan Pouch KitRowan Pouch Kit
Rowan Pouch Kit Sale priceFrom $ 46.00 USD
Frankie Twill Woven Cowl KitFrankie Twill Woven Cowl Kit
Frankie Twill Woven Cowl Kit Sale price$ 68.00 USD
Easy Crochet Pumpkin KitEasy Crochet Pumpkin Kit
Easy Crochet Pumpkin Kit Sale price$ 44.00 USD
Finger Knit Baby Bootie KitFinger Knit Baby Bootie Kit
Finger Knit Baby Bootie Kit Sale price$ 36.00 USD
Sadie Simple Mitt KitSadie Simple Mitt Kit
Sadie Simple Mitt Kit Sale priceFrom $ 34.00 USD
Wanderlust Twill Woven Cowl KitWanderlust Twill Woven Cowl Kit
Wanderlust Twill Woven Cowl Kit Sale price$ 82.00 USD
Shell Stitch Crochet Espadrilles KitShell Stitch Crochet Espadrilles Kit
Complete Woven Espadrilles KitComplete Woven Espadrilles Kit
Complete Woven Espadrilles Kit Sale priceFrom $ 70.00 USD
Mini Trellis Stitch Drawstring Bag KitMini Trellis Stitch Drawstring Bag Kit
Mini Trellis Stitch Drawstring Bag Kit Sale priceFrom $ 26.00 USD
Easy Knit Pumpkin KitEasy Knit Pumpkin Kit
Easy Knit Pumpkin Kit Sale priceFrom $ 38.00 USD
Easy Knit Pumpkin Pattern & VideoEasy Knit Pumpkin Pattern & Video
Easy Crochet Pumpkin Pattern and VIDEOEasy Crochet Pumpkin Pattern and VIDEO
Octo-Kit (Makes 3)Octo-Kit (Makes 3)
Octo-Kit (Makes 3) Sale price$ 44.00 USD
Giant Hand Crochet Heart KitGiant Hand Crochet Heart Kit
Giant Hand Crochet Heart Kit Sale price$ 74.00 USD
Easy Bunny Kit - KnitEasy Bunny Kit - Knit
Easy Bunny Kit - Knit Sale priceFrom $ 34.00 USD