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Britt Felted Wool Woven Bowl PatternBritt Felted Wool Woven Bowl Pattern
Brooklyn Basket KitBrooklyn Basket Kit
Brooklyn Basket Kit Sale priceFrom $ 34.00 USD
Brooklyn Basket Pattern & VideoBrooklyn Basket Pattern & Video
Brooklyn Basket Pattern & Video Sale price$ 8.00 USD
Callie Linen Coasters KitCallie Linen Coasters Kit
Callie Linen Coasters Kit Sale priceFrom $ 36.00 USD
Callie Linen Coasters Pattern & Video CourseCallie Linen Coasters Pattern & Video Course
Calliope Basket Kit (Makes 2)Calliope Basket Kit (Makes 2)
Calliope Basket Pattern and VideoCalliope Basket Pattern and Video
Calliope Basket Pattern and Video Sale price$ 10.00 USD
Cascade MagnumCascade Magnum
Cascade Magnum Sale priceFrom $ 27.50 USD
Chelsea Rope Basket VIDEO & PatternChelsea Rope Basket VIDEO & Pattern
Chelsea Rope Basket With Leather HandleChelsea Rope Basket With Leather Handle
Chiagoo US 50 / 25mm Straight Needles
Chicago Bolts and Screws in Antique BrassChicago Bolts and Screws in Antique Brass
Christa Crochet Basket KitChrista Crochet Basket Kit
Christa Crochet Basket Kit Sale price$ 132.00 USD
Christa Crochet Baskets PatternChrista Crochet Baskets Pattern
Christa Crochet Baskets Pattern Sale price$ 6.00 USD
Clara Crossbody Bag - Introduction To Loom WeavingClara Crossbody Bag - Introduction To Loom Weaving
Clara Crossbody Bag Pattern with Introduction To Loom Weaving VIDEOClara Crossbody Bag Pattern with Introduction To Loom Weaving VIDEO
Complete Woven Espadrilles KitComplete Woven Espadrilles Kit
Complete Woven Espadrilles Kit Sale priceFrom $ 70.00 USD
Corrine Coasters KitCorrine Coasters Kit
Corrine Coasters Kit Sale price$ 34.00 USD
Corrine Coasters PatternCorrine Coasters Pattern
Corrine Coasters Pattern Sale price$ 6.00 USD
Cotton Woven Trivet Pattern & VideoCotton Woven Trivet Pattern & Video
Crochet Edged Dish Towel Kit (with Two Patterns)Crochet Edged Dish Towel Kit (with Two Patterns)
Crochet Edged Dish Towel PatternCrochet Edged Dish Towel Pattern
Crochet Hook Size P / 11.5mm
Crochet Hook Size P / 11.5mm Sale price$ 5.00 USD
Crochet Mini-Bunny KitCrochet Mini-Bunny Kit
Crochet Mini-Bunny Kit Sale price$ 28.00 USD
Crochet Mini-Bunny PatternCrochet Mini-Bunny Pattern
Crochet Mini-Bunny Pattern Sale price$ 8.00 USD
Crochet Trimmed Pillowcase PatternCrochet Trimmed Pillowcase Pattern
Cruz Hoody with Back Zipper PatternCruz Hoody with Back Zipper Pattern
Dishtowel Utility Apron PatternDishtowel Utility Apron Pattern
Dishtowel Utility Apron Pattern Sale price$ 6.00 USD
Dyed Madagascar RaffiaDyed Madagascar Raffia
Dyed Madagascar Raffia Sale price$ 5.50 USD
Easy Bunny Kit - CrochetEasy Bunny Kit - Crochet
Easy Bunny Kit - Crochet Sale price$ 38.00 USD
Easy Bunny Kit - KnitEasy Bunny Kit - Knit
Easy Bunny Kit - Knit Sale priceFrom $ 34.00 USD
Easy Bunny Kit - WeaveEasy Bunny Kit - Weave
Easy Bunny Kit - Weave Sale price$ 38.00 USD
Easy Bunny Pattern - Knit, Crochet or WeaveEasy Bunny Pattern - Knit, Crochet or Weave
Easy Crochet Pumpkin KitEasy Crochet Pumpkin Kit
Easy Crochet Pumpkin Kit Sale price$ 44.00 USD
Easy Crochet Pumpkin Pattern and VIDEOEasy Crochet Pumpkin Pattern and VIDEO
Easy Knit Pumpkin KitEasy Knit Pumpkin Kit
Easy Knit Pumpkin Kit Sale priceFrom $ 38.00 USD
Easy Knit Pumpkin Pattern & VideoEasy Knit Pumpkin Pattern & Video
Eco-butterfly Organics Fingering Weight LinenEco-butterfly Organics Fingering Weight Linen
Ecological Wool Yarn (Undyed)Ecological Wool Yarn (Undyed)
Ecological Wool Yarn (Undyed) Sale price$ 29.00 USD
Espadrilles Pattern for Frame LoomEspadrilles Pattern for Frame Loom
Fabulous Floor Pouf KitFabulous Floor Pouf Kit
Fabulous Floor Pouf Kit Sale price$ 128.00 USD
Fabulous Floor Pouf PatternFabulous Floor Pouf Pattern
Finger Knit Baby Bootie KitFinger Knit Baby Bootie Kit
Finger Knit Baby Bootie Kit Sale price$ 36.00 USD
Finger Knit Baby Bootie Pattern & VideoFinger Knit Baby Bootie Pattern & Video
Finger Knit Trivet KitFinger Knit Trivet Kit
Finger Knit Trivet Kit Sale price$ 38.00 USD
Finger Knit Trivet PatternFinger Knit Trivet Pattern
Finger Knit Trivet Pattern Sale price$ 4.00 USD
Flax & Twine 3/8" Velvet RibbonFlax & Twine 3/8" Velvet Ribbon
Flax & Twine 3/8" Velvet Ribbon Sale priceFrom $ 5.50 USD
Flax & Twine 3mm Flax CordFlax & Twine 3mm Flax Cord
Flax & Twine 3mm Flax Cord Sale price$ 17.00 USD